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America's Choice Insurance Partners

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Wixom, MI 48393

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About America's Choice Insurance Partners

About America's Choice Insurance Partners

In 1984 The Nancy Baidas Agency was founded as an Independent Insurance Agency to serve the needs of General RV customers, and RVers across the state of Michigan. Today, we are known as America’s Choice Insurance Partners, and serve clients in over 30 states across the country. In addition to being RV insurance experts, we provide coverage options for everything from your home and cars, your business, as well as offering the nation’s top rated life insurance carriers. The advisors at America’s Choice are experienced in making sure that no matter where you live or travel, you will have the most competitive rates, and best insurance coverage to fit your lifestyle.

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Insurance Advisors

Joseph Hillier
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7417

Kayli Delamielleure
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7115

Kyle Brinker
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7161

Logan Regnier
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7137

Marissa Aguilar
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7130

Christina Cory
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7088

Stacy Trombley
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7442

Becky Badour
Insurance Advisor
248-349-3385 Ext: 7449

Service Team

Erin Tyrrell
Account Manager
248-349-3385 Ext: 7162

Justyna Tucker
Junior Data Analyst
248-349-3385 Ext: 7003

Jenifer Wilson
Closing Specialist
248-349-3385 Ext: 7418

Leadership Team

Bill Malecki
Sales Manager
248-349-3385 Ext: 7197

Shelby Quin
Agency Development Manager
248-349-3385 Ext: 7196

Ben Bradburn
Client Services Manager
248-349-3385 Ext: 7472

Joshua Stanford
Vice President
248-349-3385 Ext: 7119


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  • Michigan
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