Do I need RV insurance for an older RV?

An RV can make travel both fun and comfortable. After all, it’s a home on wheels, making it easy to bring a sense of familiarity to new adventures. It goes where you go but still provides you with a warm, familiar home. You may have an RV that’s been in your family for years. You may have paid it off years ago. Your thoughts may wander as you think of cutting the ties on your RV insurance. After all, it’s old and paid for. Do you need it?  

If You Drive It, You Need It

It’s that simple. If you operate an RV on the open roads, it must be insured. It’s a home, but it’s also on wheels. This makes it a vehicle as well. You need insurance regardless of how old it is if you drive it. The state coverage should mimic what automobile drivers would be required to carry at a minimum. America’s Choice Insurance Partners of Wixom, MI can educate RV owners in what the state requirements would be for RV’s that are driven in Michigan. Beyond driving your older RV, it also helps to have RV insurance that will cover costly repairs that surface as a result of the age and frequent use of your RV over time. 

If It’s a Rental, You Need to Insure it

If you don’t own your older RV and are merely renting or leasing it, you will need to carry insurance of your own or through the rental facility or may be required by your lender. This protects their investment while you are using it. Anything could happen to the RV, you, or other individuals. RV insurance protects you while you are renting the vehicle.

RV Liability Insurance in Michigan and Florida

If you drive it, Michigan and Florida will require you to carry liability insurance to protect other cars on the road and RV’s on the road. Although the interior of your RV is a home, the exterior acts, and functions as a vehicle. Requirements for any RV are usually centered around the vehicular aspect of your RV, regardless of the age. America’s Choice Insurance Partners of Wixon, MI are committed to helping all RV owners secure the insurance that best suits their situation, state requirements, as well as their particular recreational vehicle. Give us a call for a quote and more information.