Required Insurance for Missouri Motorhomes

Recreational vehicles like motorhomes are a traditional American way to travel. Whether touring the country or heading off to weekend fish camp, motorhomes provide comfort and convenience on the go. And while we all enjoy a motorhome, these part house/part automobile units come with different regulations than the classic tent and car — including insurance. America’s Choice Insurance Partners serves Wixom, MI by guiding motorhome insurance policies.

Here are the facts you need to understand about Missouri Motorhome Insurance.

Missouri Motorhome Insurance Requirements

Motorhome owners must have proof of liability insurance on every vehicle to cover medical and physical damages in the event of an accident. Liability insurance is separate from other comprehensive coverage that can protect your physical vehicle from theft or damage, as well as different policies that insure you against losing items inside the motorhome, such as phones, wallets, or TVs. The liability coverage is legally required, but the extra coverage is highly recommended.

If you choose not to have liability insurance, there are three legal ways you can provide legal proof of financial responsibility — a law for operating a motorhome in Missouri. You may provide a surety bond, real estate bond, or deposit of cash or negotiable securities like stocks along with a signed legal affidavit. If this sounds complex, it is why most motorhome owners prefer to connect with a good insurance agent and get the policy they need. 

Learn more about motorhome insurance requirements for Missouri and beyond. America’s Choice Insurance Partners serves Wixom, MI, and is ready to provide you with your custom quote today.