Important exclusions under a home insurance policy

As a homeowner in the Wixom, MI area, it is essential for you to understand possible exclusions under your homeowners’ insurance policy and make sure you have any additional coverages in place as needed. The specialists at America’s Choice Insurance Partners have compiled a list of exclusions all homeowners should know under their policy. 

Flood Insurance 

Too many homeowners do not know that flooding is not covered under a homeowners policy. Most insurance policies will cover water damage. However, water damage caused by a flood is excluded. In addition, just because your home is not in a flood zone does not mean you are not prone to flooding damage. Speak with your agent at America’s Choice Insurance Partners today about options for flood insurance in the area. 


Coverage for mold is also likely excluded from your homeowners’ policy. Mold is considered by insurance companies a preventative issue. It is critical for homeowners to properly remediate any water damage after a leak occurs to avoid mold growth in the home. 

Dog Bites 

If you have a dog, it is imperative to understand whether you will have coverage if it bites someone. Most insurance carriers will exclude this coverage, especially if you have an aggressive dog. However, dog bite claims tend to be very expensive, so if you have a dog, cover it. 


If you have a pool, you will want to check with your agent to ensure you are covered. The risk of claims is typically high regarding pools so you will purchase this coverage as an add-on to your policy. 

If you have questions about your homeowners’ policy coverage, contact an America’s Choice Insurance Partners agent today. We proudly serve the Wixom, MI area.