The Importance of Home Insurance

Home insurance is essential to owning a house and protecting your most valuable asset, your home. Our agents at America’s Choice Insurance Partners serving the Wixom, MI area want you to have an appropriate amount of home insurance to provide you with the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

You never know when a disaster will strike, which is why home insurance is so important. One of the primary coverages provided by a home insurance policy is the protection of your property. If a fire, vandalism, or a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, occurs, your home insurance policy will help you replace or repair your house. This coverage includes the roof of your house, floors, walls, and all other features of the structure of your home. You can also add protection for other structures on your property to your policy, including garages, decks, and sheds. Home insurance does not include flood damage.

Home insurance also covers items inside your home, such as your personal belongings, electronics, appliances, furniture, and other items. If these items are damaged by some disaster or stolen during a burglary or theft incident, your home insurance policy can help you replace them.

Liability coverage is another vital part of a home insurance policy. It offers you protection against legal claims and medical expenses if someone is injured on your property. For instance, if a visitor slips and falls while visiting your home, your liability coverage can help cover the medical costs and legal fees from the incident.

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What Are the Benefits of Purchasing a Comprehensive Policy for an Older Vehicle?

Many vehicle owners look forward to the day when their car payments are over, and they own their car or truck, free and clear. Not only does this free up money, but it also means that comprehensive insurance is no longer required. If you are close to paying off your vehicle and considering lowering your insurance coverage from comprehensive to liability, you might want to reconsider. Here is some information that can help you decide whether there are benefits to maintaining a comprehensive policy on your older vehicle.

Repairs Will Be Covered

If your vehicle is ever vandalized or damaged by weather, debris, or in some other way besides being involved in an accident, the insurance company will cover repairs. Having coverage is a good idea since you can’t predict when and if such an event might occur. Nothing could be more stressful than paying for costly, unexpected repairs.

When is Comprehensive Insurance Not a Good Idea?

There may be some instances where paying for comprehensive coverage isn’t worth it for an older vehicle. This might be true if you purchase an older vehicle for cash and it’s worth less than $2500. There may also be other situations where liability coverage is more than sufficient, but this should be determined case by case.

So, whether you’ve decided to keep your comprehensive insurance coverage or are simply searching for a new insurance provider, we at America’s Choice Insurance Partners are available to meet all of your insurance needs. We serve the Wixom, MI area, and our licensed insurance agents can provide answers to any questions you may have and a quote, enabling you to have all the necessary information before deciding whether you want to start a policy. 

Motorhome Maintenance Tips

Your motorhome is your home away from home, so maintenance is essential. Not only will motorhome maintenance keep your vehicle in great shape, but it can also help keep it safe. At America’s Choice Insurance Partners, we want to assist clients in Wixom, MI, and the surrounding areas make the most of motorhome ownership. Keep reading to learn about motorhome maintenance tips. 


Tires are a crucial part of the vehicle’s safety and functionality. If tire maintenance is ignored, it can put you and your family at risk while traveling. Tire pressure should be checked regularly; tires should be rotated if the vehicle travels long distances regularly, and tires should be replaced at the appropriate intervals. Failing to take care of these tire maintenance issues could result in blowouts and other safety risks. 


The plumbing systems on motorhomes are a crucial part of comfort and health. If problems arise with this system, traveling and enjoying your time in the motorhome will be difficult. If you notice any problems with this system, do not procrastinate. Plumbing issues often become bigger and more expensive when they are ignored. These issues can quickly escalate into other problems and even pose health risks to you and your family while traveling. 

Electrical Issues 

Just like at home, electrical issues should be taken seriously. Electrical maintenance cannot be ignored because it poses a safety risk. Once a year, have your entire motorhome checked out front to back, inside and outside, for any issues, including electrical shortages or malfunctions. 

If you would like to learn about motorhome insurance, please contact us at America’s Choice Insurance Partners, serving residents of Wixom, MI, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to help you today.

Tips for taking your RV on a road trip

Road trips are a great way to get away and explore the open road in the Wixom, MI area. If you’re a fan of RV life, taking your RV on the road can make for even more fun and convenience. Before you hit the open road for your next adventure, here are some tips from us at America’s Choice Insurance Partners to help you plan and get the most out of your RV road trip: 

1. Plan Your Route: You don’t want to be surprised by unexpected roads or detours. Make sure you have mapped out where you’re going and what routes will work best for your vehicle. 

2. Pack Lightly: Keep in mind that RVs have limited storage space. Bring only what is necessary for the trip. Otherwise, you might have an overpacked RV with cramped living quarters. 

3. Choose Campsites Wisely: When selecting campsites, be sure to check their amenities like hookups, showers, etc., and their size restrictions so that your RV can fit comfortably without any issues. 

4. Check Your Equipment: Before heading out on your voyage, take some time to check all of your equipment (e.g., brakes, steering, tires) to make sure everything is in good condition and ready for travel. 

5. Keep Supplies Handy: Have essential supplies within reach in case something goes wrong along the way (e.g., tools for fixing minor mechanical issues). This way, you can quickly handle any situation and continue your journey! 

With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy a successful RV road trip full of memories that will last a lifetime! For more tips, call us at America’s Choice Insurance Partners today. We are proud to serve the Wixom, MI area.

Types of Motorhomes and Why You Need Motorhome Insurance

Are you considering buying a motorhome for vacations and traveling with the family? Different types of motor homes may require different insurance coverage. Perhaps you already own a motorhome, live in the Wicom, MI area, and need a specialized policy. America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI has the right policy to meet your needs.  

Types of Motorhome and Classes

A motorhome is a larger recreational vehicle resembling a small apartment or home on wheels. There are four classes of motorhomes sold at this time. They are Class A, Class B, Class B+, and C. There are pros and cons to each type. Motorhomes are insured as vehicles to cover damage from accidents, injuries to others, and replacement of belongings. Motorhomes are more expensive than RVs because they have kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters.

Class A Motorhomes 

These are the largest motorhome and offer the most luxury. You have the ability to tow a boat or trailer. They will sleep six to eight people and have a full kitchen and bathroom. The motorhome is the size of a small apartment with rooms and awnings. Large motorhomes must find a campground that provides the room and services they need. 

Class B and B+ Motorhomes

The smallest type of motorhome is Class B. They resemble a large van and have room for about four people to sleep. These motorhomes have toilets, showers, refrigerators, air conditioning, heating, hot water, and a sink. They are easy to drive and park. Some more campgrounds and places can accommodate this type of motorhome. These vehicles are suited for singles or couples without children. 

Class B + motorhomes tend to be larger and have more amenities and features. Class B + has a shower and bathroom combo, a kitchen, and more sleeping room. They have twin beds or sofa beds. They are suited to larger families with children.  

Class C Motorhomes

These motorhomes are more significant than Class B and often have extra storage space and sleeping areas. Class C motorhomes have toilet and shower facilities and a kitchen. In restricted campgrounds, it is easier to get a reservation. They are designed for families, couples, and friends that share their use. 

Motorhome Insurance In Wixom, MI

Whether your purchasing a motorhome or already have one in the Wixom, MI area, America’s Choice Insurance Partners will find the right policy for you. We offer collision and comprehensive coverage for motorhomes. Contact us by email or phone.

Important exclusions under a home insurance policy

As a homeowner in the Wixom, MI area, it is essential for you to understand possible exclusions under your homeowners’ insurance policy and make sure you have any additional coverages in place as needed. The specialists at America’s Choice Insurance Partners have compiled a list of exclusions all homeowners should know under their policy. 

Flood Insurance 

Too many homeowners do not know that flooding is not covered under a homeowners policy. Most insurance policies will cover water damage. However, water damage caused by a flood is excluded. In addition, just because your home is not in a flood zone does not mean you are not prone to flooding damage. Speak with your agent at America’s Choice Insurance Partners today about options for flood insurance in the area. 


Coverage for mold is also likely excluded from your homeowners’ policy. Mold is considered by insurance companies a preventative issue. It is critical for homeowners to properly remediate any water damage after a leak occurs to avoid mold growth in the home. 

Dog Bites 

If you have a dog, it is imperative to understand whether you will have coverage if it bites someone. Most insurance carriers will exclude this coverage, especially if you have an aggressive dog. However, dog bite claims tend to be very expensive, so if you have a dog, cover it. 


If you have a pool, you will want to check with your agent to ensure you are covered. The risk of claims is typically high regarding pools so you will purchase this coverage as an add-on to your policy. 

If you have questions about your homeowners’ policy coverage, contact an America’s Choice Insurance Partners agent today. We proudly serve the Wixom, MI area. 

How to prepare your car for winter

As the winter months approach now is the time to prepare your car for the cold and snow. Taking a few simple steps to winterize your vehicle can help ensure that it runs reliably and safely in winter. Here are some tips from us at America’s Choice Insurance Partners to help you get started.

  • Check your tires– Make sure that your tires are inflated correctly and have adequate tread to provide traction while driving on snowy or icy roads. If necessary, replace worn-out tires with winter-specific ones, and consider adding chains if you live in an area with heavy snowfall.
  • Change your oil– Cold weather tends to put more strain on engine oil, so make sure that yours is clean and up-to-date.
  • Check all fluids– You’ll also want to check all other fluids, such as coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid, to ensure they are topped off and still effective at freezing temperatures.
  • Test your battery– Your car’s battery should be able to handle cold temperatures without losing its charge too quickly. Have it tested by a professional if needed to ensure it lasts through the winter months without any issues.
  • Replace windshield wipers – If your wipers are cracked or torn, replace them with winter blades that won’t freeze when exposed to cold temperatures.

By taking these easy steps now, you can save yourself from having costly repairs later on down the road this winter season! For more tips, call us at America’s Choice Insurance Partners today.

Winter Storage Tips for RV Owners in Wixom, MI

If you’re an RV owner in Wixom, MI, winter storage is critical to protecting your vehicle from the extreme cold. The harsh Michigan weather can cause severe damage to your RV if it’s not properly stored and protected.

Here are a few tips from America’s Choice Insurance Partners to keep your RV safe during the off-season.

Clean and Cover Your Vehicle

The first step to ensure your RV is ready for winter storage is thoroughly cleaning it inside and out. Ensure you remove all debris from cracks and crevices, remove any tar or grease build-up outside the vehicle, use a pressure washer on the exterior surfaces, and clean out all cabinet drawers and closets. Also, cover your RV with a tarp or canvas to protect it against snow and ice.

Check All Systems and Fluids 

Before storing your RV for the winter season, it’s essential to check all systems and fluids, including tires, brakes, engine oil/coolant, and transmission fluid levels. It’s a good idea to also check all hoses and belts for any signs of cracking or leakage.

Battery Maintenance and Fuel System Protection 

Maintaining your battery during storage is essential since cold temperatures can cause it to drain faster than usual due to increased internal resistance. To prevent this from happening, disconnect the battery terminals when storing away for extended periods. Additionally, add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank before filling up so that fuel doesn’t break down in long-term storage.

These are just a few tips for safely storing an RV during winter months in Wixom, MI, but there are many more considerations! For peace of mind knowing that you and your vehicle are covered in case of an accident or unexpected event during storage.

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Why should I get commercial insurance for my Michigan business?

Being a business owner has continued to be a dream for many in the Wixom, MI area. When you own a business, it will allow you to be your own boss and build a successful career. If you choose to start a business, you must ensure it is insured. A great way to do this is by getting a commercial insurance policy. 

Reduce Business Liability Risks

A reason you should have a commercial insurance plan is to reduce liability risks for your business. Businesses will take on liability risks whenever they sell and deliver a product or service. If you are insured correctly, it can provide support in these situations. 

Protect Assets

You will also want a commercial insurance plan to protect your business assets. Today’s businesses must invest in various assets to start and run the company. Commercial insurance offers support to protect these assets. 

Improve Business Reputation

Commercial insurance can also help to protect your business reputation. Insurance will be required if you want to take out a loan, raise outside capital, or complete other tasks. Without this coverage, you can violate these agreements and jeopardize your organization’s reputation. 

If you are a small business owner in the Wixom, MI area, it would be a good idea to insure your company with commercial insurance properly. Choosing this type of coverage can be difficult, but the team with America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help. The professionals with America’s Choice Insurance Partners know the value of this coverage and will offer the support you need to cover your business moving forward. 

Updating Your Insurance When Buying a New Car

If you’re in the process of buying a new car, it’s important to remember to update your insurance policy. Your old policy may not cover a new car, or it may not provide enough coverage. At America’s Choice Insurance Partners serving Wixom, MI, we can help you find the right policy for your new car. Here are a few things to remember when updating your insurance when buying a new car.

1. Your Old Policy May Not Cover a New Car

Your old policy is not likely to cover a new car. This is because insurance companies typically only insure vehicles for their market value. If you purchase a new vehicle, your old policy will not cover the full value of your new car.

2. You May Need More Coverage

When you buy a new car, you may need more coverage than you had on your old car. This is because new cars are usually more expensive than older cars. If you have a loan on your new car, your lender will require that you have full coverage insurance.

3. Your Rates May Go Up

New cars are usually more expensive to repair or replace than older ones. If you have a loan on your new car, your lender will require that you have full coverage insurance, which is usually more expensive than liability insurance. If you don’t have a loan, you may still want to consider full coverage insurance.

4. You May Need Special Coverage

Classic, high-end luxury, and antique cars often require special coverage. If you have a new car that falls into one of these categories, be sure to speak with your insurance agent about the right coverage for your vehicle.

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