Three things that influence the amount of home insurance coverage you need

It’s important to purchase adequate home insurance coverage to protect the investment you make in your home. At America’s Choice Insurance Partners, we offer many different home insurance options for homeowners in Wixom, MI.

The following are three things that influence the amount of home insurance coverage you need on your property.

The requirements of your mortgage lender

If you borrowed money from a lender to purchase your home, your lender is probably going to require that you have home insurance. They’re also going to have requirements for what minimum coverage is required of you.

You have more freedom to choose between different home insurance options if you own your home outright. It’s important to discuss your home insurance with your mortgage lender to make sure that your policy meets their requirements. 

The value of possessions within your home

The more valuable the possessions you want to cover, the more coverage you need. If you have a lot of valuable possessions in your home like jewelry or electronics, you should invest in some added insurance coverage to protect them. 

The existence of any possible safety risks in your home

There are certain scenarios in your home that could create additional safety risks. This could include owning certain breeds of dogs or owning an older home. By making repairs or changes in your home, you could minimize these safety risks and thereby decrease your coverage needs. You can discuss safety risks and possible improvements with your home insurance provider before you purchase a policy. 

If you have questions about our insurance policy options at America’s Choice Insurance Partners, feel free to get in touch with us. Visit us online or give us a call if you have questions about home insurance in Wixom, MI. 

What home insurance riders should I consider

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that most people make. Protecting that investment is important for your peace of mind. Choosing a great home insurance policy can go a long way in helping. With more than 35 years in business, the team at America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI is uniquely qualified to help you make sure that you have all the home insurance that you need. As an independent insurance agency, they are able to offer a variety of products from multiple carriers. 

When looking for home insurance you may think that a typical home insurance policy will cover everything that could possibly happen to your home. You would be wrong. Many things are excluded from your home policy or have very specific limits that may not be adequate for your needs. That is where a rider or endorsement comes in, it gives you the coverage that your basic policy does not. 

  • Scheduled personal property rider – Your home insurance has set limits for personal property. Within that coverage, it may have limits for things like jewelry and electronics. You can add additional coverage to protect your property that has a value above the standard rate on your policy. 
  • Sewer back up coverage – Sewer backup is almost never covered on a typical policy.  It can cause thousands of dollars in damage and is a rider that is well worth adding to your policy, 
  • Earthquake rider/sinkhole – Any earth movement is not covered on a typical home insurance policy. If you live in an area where this is a serious possibility this rider is vital. 

These are just a sample of the types of riders that you may want to consider adding to your home insurance policy. Give the office of America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI a call or stop by to make an appointment to discuss your home insurance needs. 

Why should I create a home inventory

Many things can happen to your home that might damage it and all of your possessions that are inside of it. America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI has friendly agents who will be happy to help you to understand the benefit to you of creating a home inventory.

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a listing of all of your possessions. It should be as detailed as possible. It is not okay to write 10 books. You need to list the books by title and whether they are hardcover or paperback. When it comes to things like TVs and other electronics, you should record the brand name, the model number, and the serial number. The size of TVs should also be noted.

In addition to the written listing, room by room, taking photographs or videotaping your home can also be very helpful. Pay special attention to your higher value items and if they are particularly valuable, having an official appraisal can help you to recoup the actual value of your items.

Where to keep your inventory

First, make more than one copy. Store one of them offsite so that it can’t be destroyed by the same event that destroys or damages your home. Having a safety deposit box to hold your valuables is a good idea but if not, have a friend or family member keep one copy. A waterproof and fire-resistant box can help to preserve this important document at home.

Your home inventory can be one of the most important documents you have when it comes to replacing your possessions after a covered event. In Wixom, MI, America’s Choice Insurance Partners has experienced agents who can help you to understand just how important a home inventory is and how it benefits you. Stop by their office or give them a call. 

Does motor home insurance cover appliances?

Some choose to forgo motor home insurance in Wixom, MI because they do not believe that having such an insurance policy is necessary. Your RV, after all, is partially covered by your homeowner’s insurance plan if it remains parked on your property throughout the year. Homeowner’s insurance policies do not, however, pay for all damages related to motor homes.

You cannot file a claim if your RV’s built-in stove or refrigerator is destroyed if you only depend on homeowner’s insurance to pay for incidents. A motor home insurance plan, however, does have the capacity to cover appliances inside of your RV.

The agents at America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help you find the motor home insurance policy that is right for your lifestyle. Read on to learn more about RV insurance coverage.

What does RV insurance cover?

Motor home insurance can cover everything from appliances inside of the vehicle to accidents on the road. The best RV insurance plans come with special coverage for your stove and auto insurance perks. Those policies in the top-tier also cover electrical problems that may lead to fires.

How much does a good motor home insurance plan cost?

The price of motor home insurance heavily depends on how much coverage you want. You may find yourself paying the minimum amount for coverage if you do not drive your RV throughout the year. The monthly premium amount may rise slightly if your RV is your semi-permanent home and a source of transportation in Wixom, MI.

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How to Make a Home Insurance Claim

If a grilling accident in your house leaves a guest injured, a storm damages your home, or a burglar breaks in, the biggest worry is always about whether or not you’ll recover from the loss. Each time an unfortunate event occurs in your Florida or Michigan home, you may be forced to file a claim with an insurance company. But, a claim against a homeowner’s policy comes with various regulations and procedures that you and the insurer must follow. Even though it’s advisable to contact a reliable agency like America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI, it’s still essential for you to understand the claim procedure. Here are the steps to get you started.

Contact the police

If your house has been burglarized or you are a victim of theft, report the case to the police. Be sure to get a police report, including the names of the officers you speak with since you will need to offer these details to your insurer.

Report the incident to your insurance provider

Your insurance provider should be able to inform you if the incident is covered, the duration of filing a claim, and if the request exceeds your deductible. They will let you know the period it’ll take to process the claim and if you’ll need to get estimations of the structural damage.

Fill out claim forms promptly

Once you establish that you can make a claim, your insurer will send the necessary claim forms within a specified time as required by law. Fill them out promptly to avoid delays.

Create a list of damaged or lost items

Since you need to substantiate your loss, create a list of damaged or destroyed items. Ensure you have a copy for your adjuster. Additionally, supply them with available copies of receipts for the damaged or stolen items.

Making a home insurance claim doesn’t have to be complicated provided you take the time to gather information and ask the right questions. Luckily Michigan and Florida residents can rely on America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI for help. Contact us today for more information.