Most Common Auto Insurance Claims And How To Avoid Them

Regardless of the amount of care that you take when you are driving in Wixom, MI, sometimes accidents can still happen. Auto insurance is crucial to protecting you, your family, and your assets when an automobile accident does take place. However, every time you file a claim it can have an impact on your insurance. Therefore, at America’s Choice Insurance Partners, we feel that it is important to become aware of some of the most common auto insurance claims and how you can avoid them.

Intersection Accidents

Some busy intersections are confusing. You cannot count on all of the other drivers on the road to obey stop signs and traffic lights. Before attempting to leave an intersection, take a moment to look in both directions in case there is another vehicle approaching that is not preparing to stop. This is especially important when your traffic light has just turned from red to green.

Rear-End Accidents

Another common insurance claim is for rear-end accidents. You should always allow plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you so you will have time to react to any sudden stopping. This type of accident has increased in the age of cell phones. It is never safe to text and drive. Also, take advantage of any hands-free options available on your vehicle to further avoid distractions when driving.

Other Common Claims You Can Avoid

Several other common auto insurance claims can be avoided by paying attention to the road, avoiding driving under the influence, and taking the necessary precautions. These claims include:

  • Single car accidents
  • Parked car damage
  • Break-in and theft
  • Backup accidents

Windshield Damage

Unfortunately, there is little that you can do to avoid a windshield damage claim. The best thing you can do is to never follow too closely to the car ahead of you, especially when traveling on roads with a loose surface.

Not every accident in Wixom, MI can be avoided. The experts at America’s Choice Insurance Partners are available to address any concerns you have regarding your auto insurance. Call us today!