Motorhome insurance FAQs

As a motorhome owner, you are in a select group of Americans. Your motorhome is special to you and when it comes to insuring your motorhome, you want to have someone who is as dedicated to this special genre as you are. At  America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI, we have been specializing in motorhome insurance since 1984 and we understand what is important to you because it is also important to us. 

What does motorhome insurance cover?

Motorhome insurance offers the same options that auto insurance offers; liability coverage, collision, comprehensive and roadside assistance. 

Is motorhome insurance required in Michigan?

Michigan requires that all motor vehicles have liability coverage in the amount of 50/100/10. While this is the required amount, the property damage amount is quite low and, given the fact that motorhomes are large, having more coverage is a good idea. 

Does motorhome insurance cover mold and mildew?

Having mold and mildew in your motorhome is not uncommon, but it is a maintenance issue and not one that is covered by your insurance policy. It is up to you to take the necessary steps to keep our motorhome in good repair. In this respect, motor home insurance is more like home insurance than auto insurance. 

Should I cancel my insurance when my motorhome is in storage?

No, you should not cancel your coverage when you are not driving your motorhome. Bad things can still happen that don’t involve driving at all. Many insurance carriers have an option for keeping coverage on your motorhome that will protect it from damage. You can keep the coverage you need and not keep what you don’t need. This will save you money and preserve your policy. 

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