Three things that influence the amount of home insurance coverage you need

It’s important to purchase adequate home insurance coverage to protect the investment you make in your home. At America’s Choice Insurance Partners, we offer many different home insurance options for homeowners in Wixom, MI.

The following are three things that influence the amount of home insurance coverage you need on your property.

The requirements of your mortgage lender

If you borrowed money from a lender to purchase your home, your lender is probably going to require that you have home insurance. They’re also going to have requirements for what minimum coverage is required of you.

You have more freedom to choose between different home insurance options if you own your home outright. It’s important to discuss your home insurance with your mortgage lender to make sure that your policy meets their requirements. 

The value of possessions within your home

The more valuable the possessions you want to cover, the more coverage you need. If you have a lot of valuable possessions in your home like jewelry or electronics, you should invest in some added insurance coverage to protect them. 

The existence of any possible safety risks in your home

There are certain scenarios in your home that could create additional safety risks. This could include owning certain breeds of dogs or owning an older home. By making repairs or changes in your home, you could minimize these safety risks and thereby decrease your coverage needs. You can discuss safety risks and possible improvements with your home insurance provider before you purchase a policy. 

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