Ways Wixom, MI Residents Can Improve Safety at Home

Nothing instils one more peace of mind than knowing that your family and loved ones are protected while they are in your house. Your home at Wixom, MI is vulnerable to impending potential hazards. Still, if you are conversant with dangerous areas and unsafe habits to keep away from, you are likely to avert any inevitable harm. Statistics reveal that one home is burglarized every 23 seconds, and thousands of people die annually from accidental home injuries. With these pronounced unsafe episodes, it’s prudent to speak to our agents at America’s Choice Insurance Partners to educate you on safety tips to make your home safe, including:

Getting an alarm system

You dwelling in Wixom, MI, should possess more than one alarm system. Though it’s challenging to determine exactly how many probable thieves are put off by alarm systems, it’s vital to install one, especially the one that alerts after even being disabled. Any burglar prefers intruding into a home that is alarm-free to minimize the chances of being caught. The market today provides a versatile variety of alarm systems. Choose the one that meets your needs.

Lock your doors and windows

Entering a house with doors and windows not closed can be super easy for an intruder. Ensure that every time your doors and windows are locked, even if you reside in a small sleepy neighborhood.

Lights up the dark areas

Installing porch lights is a vital way of lighting your backyard to keep intruders at bay. Ensure that all your potential entrances to your home are well lit to keep off intruders from sneaking around.

Always remember home fire safety.

Home fires can cause devastating damage effects if not life-threatening. Ensure that high-risk home items are secluded from potential risk. Never abandon cooking unattended and maintain stoves and declutter counter surfaces and take care of flammable objects like bug spray or hairspray.

Install surveillance cameras

CCTV cameras are a prudent idea to monitor movements outside windows and doors. Small hidden cameras are an option in addition to digital recording systems. Ensure that the cameras produce outstanding quality and are installed close to the doors and windows to record mugshots of investable burglars effectively.

Do you want to procure sufficient home coverage for your home in Wixom, MI? Don’t look beyond America’s Choice Insurance Partners to design for you coverage that protects your home and your loved ones. Call or visit us today!