Why should I create a home inventory

Many things can happen to your home that might damage it and all of your possessions that are inside of it. America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI has friendly agents who will be happy to help you to understand the benefit to you of creating a home inventory.

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a listing of all of your possessions. It should be as detailed as possible. It is not okay to write 10 books. You need to list the books by title and whether they are hardcover or paperback. When it comes to things like TVs and other electronics, you should record the brand name, the model number, and the serial number. The size of TVs should also be noted.

In addition to the written listing, room by room, taking photographs or videotaping your home can also be very helpful. Pay special attention to your higher value items and if they are particularly valuable, having an official appraisal can help you to recoup the actual value of your items.

Where to keep your inventory

First, make more than one copy. Store one of them offsite so that it can’t be destroyed by the same event that destroys or damages your home. Having a safety deposit box to hold your valuables is a good idea but if not, have a friend or family member keep one copy. A waterproof and fire-resistant box can help to preserve this important document at home.

Your home inventory can be one of the most important documents you have when it comes to replacing your possessions after a covered event. In Wixom, MI, America’s Choice Insurance Partners has experienced agents who can help you to understand just how important a home inventory is and how it benefits you. Stop by their office or give them a call.