When is auto insurance needed in Michigan?

For people that are all over the state of Michigan, owning a car is a practical necessity, as it will make it much easier for you to get around town. For those that are in the Wixom, MI area, it is crucial to understand your auto insurance needs and requirements fully. There are several situations when you will need to have an auto insurance policy when you are in the state of Michigan. 

When Driving on Public Roads

If you intend to drive your car on a public road in Michigan, you will be obligated to carry auto insurance at all times. Similar to other states, Michigan requires that all drivers have a liability insurance policy in good standing. This insurance will ensure that you can pay for any damages you cause when you are driving. If you do not have this insurance, you could face severe penalization if you are caught without it. 

If You Have a Loan

You are also going to need to get an insurance policy if you have a car loan. If you have taken out a loan to finance the purchase of your vehicle, you are going to be required to carry auto insurance at all times. When you have a full collision and comprehensive insurance policy in place, it will help to protect the lender’s collateral. For a lot of car owners, providing evidence of this insurance will be required when the loan is funded.

If you are going to purchase a car in the Wixom, MI area, it is vital that you get the right auto insurance. The insurance professionals at America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help you to find a policy that works for you. America’s Choice Insurance Partners will do this by providing you with a personalized assessment to understand your requirements. 

Three Important Questions you must ask about Motor Home Insurance

When you own a motor home, you must protect it. Acquiring the right type of insurance is the best way to go. At America’s Choice Insurance Partners, serving Wixom, MI, we work with motor homeowners to find a suitable coverage plan. However, before you make a decision, there are three critical questions you must ask your agent about motor home insurance.

What is included in Motor Home Insurance coverage?

This first question is an obvious one to ask to purchase the right coverage. Being knowledgeable about the details of your motorhome coverage will help you make a sound decision. Your coverage options could vary depending on how much you drive it. So you must know your options to choose one that fits your needs.

Is Motor Home Insurance similar to Auto Insurance?

A motorhome is considered a place to live and a vehicle to drive. As such, the insurance options for it are similar to automobile insurance coverage. These options include comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage. In the state of Michigan, the no-fault insurance law mandates all drivers to pay for injuries to people or any property damage caused. While motor home insurance has its similarities to auto coverage, it does also include replacement costs for lost or damaged items kept in your motorhome.

How could I get the best coverage for my Motor Home?

To get the maximum coverage, you must have a good, reliable agent to help you find the right one according to your situation. Our agents at America’s Choice Insurance Partners are here for you. If you live in the Wixom, MI area, contact us for a quote on your motor home insurance today.

Why Is RV Insurance Necessary?

Insuring an RV in Wixom, MI can be a little tricky because even though the inside of the RV feels more like a home, it’s still treated as a vehicle for insurance purposes. Since it’s treated as a vehicle, you need to make sure that you have adequate liability insurance if you hope to drive your RV out in public. In addition to it being required for you to operate your RV legally, several standard coverages are useful to protect your financial investment. An agent at America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help you find the right coverage for your needs. 

  • Liability Coverage: Liability coverage can pay for injuries and damages that you are legally responsible for because of an accident. 
  • Uninsured Coverage: This coverage will reimburse you for damages and injuries that are caused by someone who doesn’t have any insurance or not enough insurance.
  • Medical Payments: This coverage pays for medical expenses for you and household family members while in your RV, no matter whose fault it is.
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage: These insurance options provide coverage for your RV should it be damaged in an accident or in another way not related to an accident. For example, vandalism, fire, hail, and theft would be covered under collision insurance. 

Other RV coverages that don’t come standard may also be necessary, depending on how you want to use your RV and how much financial protection you want to have. Custom equipment insurance will give you coverage for equipment and parts that weren’t installed by the manufacturer originally. Vacation liability protection can give you some liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury if you are using your RV as a temporary residence. Awning replacement can provide you coverage to replace your awning if it is destroyed in a covered event.

Contact America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI to get a quote on RV insurance.

4 Ways to Get the Best Motorhome Insurance

If you have a motorhome, you want to get the best insurance for your needs. That means good coverage you can rely on, but you also want to work with a trusted agent who can give you plenty of information about the policies you have to choose from. Then you can pick the one that’s right for your situation and the way you use your recreational vehicle. Motorhome insurance from America’s Choice Insurance Partners means you have options. If you’re in the Wixom, MI area, we want to help you get an excellent policy that’s going to provide you with strong protection and plenty of peace of mind. Here are four ways to get quality insurance you can feel good about:

  1. Ask your agent plenty of questions, so you can have the knowledge you need to make an informed choice.
  2. Work with a company you can trust, so you can get good policy options that fit your needs.
  3. Find an agent you can rely on, so you can review and update your policy as and when it’s necessary.
  4. Review your policy frequently, so you and your agent can work together to keep you adequately protected all the time.

You don’t have to settle for anything less than great with motorhome insurance. When you reach out to us at America’s Choice Insurance Partners, we’ll be happy to help you find the right policy. Whether you use your RV on a full-time basis, or you leave it parked a lot and only take it out in the summertime, there’s a policy that’s right for you. By contacting us, you’ll be on your way to finding that policy and enjoying your motorhome without worries about your insurance for a long time to come. Then you can focus on your travels all over the Wixom, MI area to the shores of Tampa, FL.

What home insurance riders should I consider

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that most people make. Protecting that investment is important for your peace of mind. Choosing a great home insurance policy can go a long way in helping. With more than 35 years in business, the team at America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI is uniquely qualified to help you make sure that you have all the home insurance that you need. As an independent insurance agency, they are able to offer a variety of products from multiple carriers. 

When looking for home insurance you may think that a typical home insurance policy will cover everything that could possibly happen to your home. You would be wrong. Many things are excluded from your home policy or have very specific limits that may not be adequate for your needs. That is where a rider or endorsement comes in, it gives you the coverage that your basic policy does not. 

  • Scheduled personal property rider – Your home insurance has set limits for personal property. Within that coverage, it may have limits for things like jewelry and electronics. You can add additional coverage to protect your property that has a value above the standard rate on your policy. 
  • Sewer back up coverage – Sewer backup is almost never covered on a typical policy.  It can cause thousands of dollars in damage and is a rider that is well worth adding to your policy, 
  • Earthquake rider/sinkhole – Any earth movement is not covered on a typical home insurance policy. If you live in an area where this is a serious possibility this rider is vital. 

These are just a sample of the types of riders that you may want to consider adding to your home insurance policy. Give the office of America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI a call or stop by to make an appointment to discuss your home insurance needs. 

Why should someone in Michigan get auto insurance?

Owning a car in the Wixom, MI area usually is a necessity. When you are going to buy a car in this area, it is vital that you get the proper auto insurance in place before you take your vehicle out on the road. There are several reasons why someone that has a car in Michigan needs to make sure that they have auto insurance at all times. 

Ensures Legal Compliance

The first reason why someone in the Wixom, MI area should get auto insurance is that it is required by law. Those that are anywhere in Michigan are going to be required to carry auto insurance at all times. The minimum requirements will require that you at least have a certain level of liability insurance, which will allow you to pay restitution if you are at fault in an accident. 

Protects Your Car

Beyond ensuring that you comply with the law, having auto insurance is also a good idea because it will protect your car. If you have a vehicle that can be expensive to repair or replace, or if you have an auto loan, you are going to want a full collision and comprehensive auto insurance policy. This will ensure that you have coverage if your car is stolen or damaged. 

If you do have a car in the Wixom, MI area, it is very important that you carry auto insurance at all times. When you are looking for your next car or auto insurance policy, you should call America’s Choice Insurance Partners as soon as you can. The insurance professionals at America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help you find a policy that provides the right type and level of coverage for your needs. 

Do I need RV insurance for an older RV?

An RV can make travel both fun and comfortable. After all, it’s a home on wheels, making it easy to bring a sense of familiarity to new adventures. It goes where you go but still provides you with a warm, familiar home. You may have an RV that’s been in your family for years. You may have paid it off years ago. Your thoughts may wander as you think of cutting the ties on your RV insurance. After all, it’s old and paid for. Do you need it?  

If You Drive It, You Need It

It’s that simple. If you operate an RV on the open roads, it must be insured. It’s a home, but it’s also on wheels. This makes it a vehicle as well. You need insurance regardless of how old it is if you drive it. The state coverage should mimic what automobile drivers would be required to carry at a minimum. America’s Choice Insurance Partners of Wixom, MI can educate RV owners in what the state requirements would be for RV’s that are driven in Michigan. Beyond driving your older RV, it also helps to have RV insurance that will cover costly repairs that surface as a result of the age and frequent use of your RV over time. 

If It’s a Rental, You Need to Insure it

If you don’t own your older RV and are merely renting or leasing it, you will need to carry insurance of your own or through the rental facility or may be required by your lender. This protects their investment while you are using it. Anything could happen to the RV, you, or other individuals. RV insurance protects you while you are renting the vehicle.

RV Liability Insurance in Michigan and Florida

If you drive it, Michigan and Florida will require you to carry liability insurance to protect other cars on the road and RV’s on the road. Although the interior of your RV is a home, the exterior acts, and functions as a vehicle. Requirements for any RV are usually centered around the vehicular aspect of your RV, regardless of the age. America’s Choice Insurance Partners of Wixon, MI are committed to helping all RV owners secure the insurance that best suits their situation, state requirements, as well as their particular recreational vehicle. Give us a call for a quote and more information. 

When Do Business Owners Need To Increase Commercial Coverage?

Most people realize that commercial coverage is essential for any company or business with a structure or valuable equipment that ensures they can function day to day. However, insurance needs can change over the course of time. The policy coverage may increase or decrease according to assets and volume within a year or the policy term. 

Increasing Coverage

One way to determine if a business needs to increase its coverage is if they added to the facility, purchased large equipment for the site, or expanded in some way. To know for sure, owners should speak with an agent and find out what the current and short term future needs may be. Once an estimate is laid out, the agent can help advise on changing the current policy to increase the coverage amount to prevent losses in the event of a covered incident. 

Insurance Companies Are An Asset

Don’t purchase commercial insurance without consulting an experienced agent. They can point out issues with a policy that the client may overlook. These oversights can become serious issues if there is a claim in the future. Make sure to know exactly what the policy covers and learn whether or not it will grow with the company. Those business owners looking for comprehensive commercial insurance coverage should consult with America’s Choice Insurance Partners serving the residents of Wixom, MI. 

Losses can occur when business owners don’t know exactly what the insurance protects and if it completely covered their needs. Get a full overview of what type of insurance works best for commercial insurance needs by calling or stopping by America’s Choice Insurance Partners providing coverage for Wixom, MI, and parts of Florida.

Top 3 Things That Drive Your Auto Insurance Rates Up

Do you dread getting that annual renewal notice from your auto insurance company? Are you worried that your rates have gone up? Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the inevitable by burying that letter under another pile of mail.

No one likes to see their insurance rates go up, but there might be something you can do to lessen the blow. If you have an idea of what drives the rates up, maybe you can actively try to keep them from rising.

Your auto insurance rates might increase if you make voluntary changes to your policy. For instance, if you add a new driver to the policy, then you will need to pay for their coverage, as well. For more information on adding someone to your current policy in Wixom, MI or around the state, be sure to contact America’s Choice Insurance Partners.

Here are a few other reasons your insurance rate might go up:

  • Driving History – The insurance company will take into consideration your driving history, including your driving record. If you have had convictions or driving violations, then your rate may increase. They will also consider your claim history (i.e., how many claims you have made over the last year, etc.)
  • Change of Address – When you move into a new area, your rate might change, as well. Some locations are considered higher risk, which means that insurance in that area is more expensive. This could be due to a larger population of drivers or higher traffic areas.
  • Change of Employment – If your employment situation changes, your insurance might be subjected to an increase. For example, your former employer may have provided a group discount or professional discount; without the discount, you will have to pay the full rate.

Contact America’s Choice Insurance Partners in Wixom, MI

If you are looking to make changes to your current auto insurance policy or have questions regarding an increase in rate, do not hesitate to reach out to America’s Choice Insurance Partners. An agent will be able to help you out and guide you in the right direction.

What Michigan RV Owners Need to Know about Storage and Protection

Owning an RV is a fantastic way to enjoy the warmer months, but for people who put their vehicle in storage over the colder months, there are a few things to consider. RV insurance offers a lot of different coverage options and limits and sometimes it can be confusing to determine which option is right for you. If you are an RV owner in Wixom, MI or any of the nearby communities, America’s Choice Insurance Partners is here to help. Before you put your RV away for the winter, let’s make sure that your coverage provides sufficient protection.

RV Storage and Protection During the Off-Season

There are a couple of variables that can affect your insurance needs when it comes to RV storage. Firstly, do you store the vehicle at home or at an off-site facility? Is the RV indoors or outdoors? Is the vehicle stored throughout the entire winter, or do you take it out on the road a few times during the cold weather? Is anyone staying in the RV while it is stored? Indoor storage at a guarded facility is always the best bet, but that option may not be practical or available to you. If you keep your RV on unguarded land outdoors, you will likely want more protection. All of these questions are important factors when it comes to choosing the right policy and the correct policy levels to protect your RV during the winter.

Is it time to take a closer look at your current RV policy? America’s Choice Insurance Partners is proud to serve the greater Wixom, MI area, and we would welcome the opportunity to serve you too. Call us today and find out more about the RV insurance options that are available to you.