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Did you know America's Choice insures more RVs than any other agency in the nation?

Unlike other agencies, our team receives industry-leading training and works closely with the nation’s leading carriers to properly secure your RV.

America’s Choice has helped over 25,000+ happy Rver’s in the past five years alone!

Not all RV insurance is equal — when partnering with America’s Choice you can trust that you have the coverage you need at an affordable price.

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Hit the open road with the coverage you need.

Proper RV coverage should be custom tailored to your specific needs. Our advisors will help you hit the open road with insurance that exceeds the coverage offered by ordinary auto or homeowners policies. We are dedicated to providing our clients with peace of mind and protection for their RV. 

What makes our coverage different? Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions related to RV insurance.

We pride ourselves on providing fast, affordable insurance coverage that properly insures your investment. Coast to coast, America’s Choice is licensed in over 30 states and our team understands what it takes to protect everything you value most. From RVs to bundling your home and autos, we provide coverage that protects all of life's greatest adventures.

Our team members receive industry-leading training and work closely with the nation’s leading carriers to properly protect your RV. During your consultation, we will discuss total loss replacement, vacation liability, pest & roof protection, and more.

Remember, not all RV insurance is created equal. When partnering with our team you can trust that you have the coverage you need at an affordable price.

 Absolutely! Our clients save over 30% on average when bundling their home and autos with us. As independent agents, our team works for you. We shop the nation's top carriers to get you the best coverage at a great price.

Insuring an RV is unique. It’s more than a car and not quite a house, making it crucial to have an insurance policy specifically designed for RVs. Contact one of our agents today to learn more about what proper RV coverage should look like.

Understanding RV Coverages

Selecting proper RV insurance begins with planning. Our Advisors will work with you to determine your coverage needs and offer a customized insurance package based on your needs, and budget.  We offer coverage that's tailored to your specific needs, to protect you and your RV from a wide range of risks and enjoy the open road with confidence.

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Total Loss Replacement

If your motorhome or travel trailer is totaled in an accident, it will be replaced with a new RV of the same model year or later.*

Personal Effects

Personal property inside your motorhome or travel trailer is covered up to the limits you specify.

Vacation Liability 

If someone is hurt in or around your RV or on your campsite while you’re on vacation, you’ll have liability coverage.

Pest & Roof

If your RV is damaged by a non-domesticated animal, such as a bird or rodent, pest damage protection will cover the repairs.

Multi-Policy Discount

If you currently have a home, renters, condo, auto, boat or motorcycle, you'll can earn additional savings when you bundle with RV insurance.

Emergency Expense

If your RV is disabled, due to a covered or non-covered loss, and you’re more than 50 miles from your residence, we offer coverage options that include up to $750 in transportation, lodging, and more.

Full Timer's Coverage

Full-time RV insurance includes broader RV coverages to protect you for an extended period of time.

Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle is considered a separate recreational line of coverage. With our multipolicy discounts you can save even more!

Why Insure with America's Choice?

Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business

We understand the importance of finding solutions that fit your needs and budget. As a locally owned and operated agency, we aim to save you both time and money.

Ease of Doing Business

Personalized Coverage Options

Our team creates personalized insurance coverage options based on your unique needs, so you can spend less time searching for RV coverage and more time planning your next adventure.

Ease of Doing Business

Dedicated Service Team

Our commitment to you doesn't end when your coverage begins. Our dedicated service team is focused on serving you. Going forward, if you require assistance with claims, need to make changes to your policy, or have questions, we are here to provide the support you need.


Official agency partner of General RV!

As General RV’s trusted insurance partner, we pride ourselves on providing fast, affordable insurance coverage that properly ensures your newest investment. Coast to coast, our team is licensed in over 30 states, and understands what it takes to protect everything you value most. From RV's to bundling your home and autos we provide coverage that protects all of life's adventures.

We never knew it could be this easy...

"In the past, I've always tried to shop for my own insurance. The problem was, I didn't really understand what I was looking at, and always felt like I was "getting sold" a bill of goods. Finally I decided to leave it up to a professional, and I'm so glad I did. America's Choice Insurance Partners has been great from the beginning. We have fantastic rates, and I finally understand my coverages! I highly recommend them!"

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