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RV Insurance

RV Coverage for the Traveler

Going on a two-week vacation or a weekend road trip is much more enjoyable when traveling in an RV. With the right RV insurance, you can focus on having fun instead of worrying about your coverage. RVs are expensive. Even older model ones can cost you several thousand dollars. No matter how much you invest, you want to ensure you are protected, and it starts with having RV insurance. You can find a policy that meets your lifestyle at America's Choice Insurance Partners.

Coverage Options

RV insurance has a variety of coverage options to choose from. These policies can protect your vehicle in multiple ways from liability and damages from accidents. You will be required to have a minimum amount of liability on your RV by law from the state. Liability insurance will cover damages and injuries to another driver that you get in an accident with when you are at fault in the situation. To get full coverage, you will need to consider the following options.

  • Collision Coverage - This policy will pay for repairs to your vehicle in an accident where you are at fault. It could also replace your RV if it becomes totaled in an accident which you are responsible.
  • Property Insurance - An RV can be used as a traveling home, and that means that you are more than likely to have personal possessions in the vehicle. A perk of having an RV policy over a regular auto insurance policy is that the property you keep inside your vehicle will be protected and can be replaced in certain events.
  • Comprehensive Coverage - This type of coverage will cover you against incidents that happen to your RV such as weather, vandalism, and damage from objects that are not vehicles. This type of coverage is vital if you want to cover your RV fully.

Contact us before heading out on your next road trip. Even if you have a policy already in place, it's imperative to have it reviewed on a regular basis. As life changes, so do your insurance needs. We can take a look at your existing policy and determine where changes need to be made. Our goal is to keep you protected no matter where you're traveling in your RV. Even if you keep it stored for most of the year, it's still our goal to provide superior coverage that provides you with peace of mind.

At America's Choice Insurance Partners, we are ready to meet all of your RV insurance needs.


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